Wednesday, January 10, 2007

More treasures from the Depository

Pasted to the front cover of an 1823 copy of the Boston Directory:

Charles Stimpson

Blank Book and Stationary Store,
No. 30, State Street

At the above Store are kept constantly for sale BLANK BOOKS manufactured of the best materials in the most approved style, and at the lowest cash prices, Wholesale and Retail

ALSO -- Blank Books RULED to any pattern, and bound at short notice
A good assortment of Rogers' and other Pen and Pocket Knives -- Writing Paper of all kinds,
Quills, and ready made Pens,
Wafers, of all colours and sizes,
Wedgwood and other Inkstands,
Ink and Sand Glasses -- Dividers, different sizes,
Middleton's and other warranted Lead Pencils,
Morocco and calf skin Pocket Books and Wallets,
Cloth, hair, nail, teeth and shoe Brushes
Crehore and Ford's best and common Playing Cards
Music Paper, all sizes,
Portable Writing Desks, with brass Clamps,
Bibles, School Books, &c.
Morocco Pocket Books repaired, and made to any pattern,
A general assortment of STATIONARY,
BACK GAMMON and CHESS BOARDS manufactured, and kept constantly for sale, by the dozen or single,
WARRANTED GOLD and SILVER LEAF, by the pack or single book


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