Monday, January 08, 2007

Feed me!

La-La-Librarian reports that the MIT Libraries now have RSS Feeds detailing the latest acquisitions in their catalog. What a great idea! This is like having a "Just In" shelf for the entire collection, something that patrons still ask for in these parts. Although the logistics of maintaining such a physical display for Widener would be for all intents and purposes impossible (contrast this however with Lamont, whose smaller collection lends itself nicely to putting its most recent arrivals up on a separate shelf), an RSS feed would be easily enough implemented. I wonder if something like this is already in the works here?

Already I've signed up for MIT's Manga and Graphic Novels feed, in anticipation of my upcoming gig for Magazines for Libraries. The best part is that as a former MIT Student, I'm entitled to get a library card there -- my wife just started working there as well, so she could always do some book paging for me!

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Miss Rachel said...

This must be the latest trend because I just got an e-mail from my (our) college that there is now an RSS feed for their library's new acquisitions.