Monday, November 27, 2006

I don't need no stinkin' IT department*

For some reason the staff printer at the Reading Room Desk hates me. Every time I so much as sneeze the networked printer decides either to unselect itself as my default printer or disappear from the network altogether, prompting me either to call IT or hope that left to its own devices the problem will eventually correct correct itself. I was hoping that these troubles were a function of our former printer, an HP 1200 that was so old by office standards that we were one major malfunction away from a mandatory upgrade, but no sooner did my elation at the arrival of a splufty new HP 1320 peak than I realized that the old printer's animus against me had trickled down to its replacement via some form of digital Aeschylean blood guilt.

I had blissfully forgotten that I had left my printer situation unresolved when I abandoned the office last Wednesday at 5, unwilling to saddle the IT department with yet another call from our unit before the extended holiday weekend (we're already on the frequent flier list thanks to our Bookeye overhead scanner, a totally awesome piece of technology that nevertheless needs lots of care and attention due to almost constant use when the library is open). Opening up the room this morning I recalled when I tried to print something that I'd punted the issue, and was just about to reach for the phone when I had a sudden flash of inspiration. Hadn't the IT guy shown me how to figure out how to configure a networked printer before? The details were fuzzy but I sat down and tried to remember exactly what he'd done, and lo and behold, after only a few errors I cranked out a test page and did a little victory dance for the bleary-eyed Reading Room regulars.

Score one for the information professional!

* Yes, I do.

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