Wednesday, February 07, 2007

So how was YOUR day?

From the NYT Books section, a fascinating and harrowing account of Iraq's chief librarian and the trials and tribulations he endures to keep both his collections and his staff safe:

"Saad Eskander, the director of Iraq’s National Library and Archive in Baghdad, finally had some time to catch up on his diary after a couple of very busy weeks. As he wrote in his latest entry, he was having trouble repairing the Internet system; the Restoration Laboratory “was hit by 5 bullets”; and “another librarian, who works at the Periodical Department, received a death threat. He has to leave his house and look for another one, as soon as he can; otherwise, he will be murdered.”"

(You can read Mr. Eskander's Library Diary here, courtesy of the British Library.)

I am never, ever* complaining about my job again...

* Never, ever = approximately 15% of the time

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